Super Grands XXVIII World Games 2017 and SuperWorldCon
2017-12-26 to 2017-12-31 at Adam's Mark Hotel
Registration CLOSED
Many amateur sports are now requiring that participants stay at their host hotels in order for the hotel to produce sufficient revenue to provide function space at a reasonable cost for the event. In order to provide the facility space needed for a successful SG, we embrace a similar requirement. In effect each paid guest room will help offset the expense of the event.While we are not requiring participants to stay at the tournament hotel, those that are registered at the hotel during the competition days will be given vouchers to submit at the SG registration to receive discounts of $100 per each divisional entry ($15 for stick fighting). (Note: The $100 Registration discount automatically apply to local competitors with proof of home zip codes in New York 14000 to 14699 or in Ontario L0 to L5. Only if they are commuting to and from the Super Grands each day. Any other exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and must be approved by the NBL offices by November 21. Phone 716- 763-1111).
To receive the competitor voucher(s) for registration discount, the player’s name (or parent/guardians name for 17 & under) must be registered as a guest at the hotel for the days of their competition and booked under the SG Group Code and paying the Group rate or be SG Staff. (No hotel reward points can be used toward booking hotel rooms). There will be a limit of 2 adult names allowed to be registered per room that can receive vouchers and thus the player registration discounts. Please do not think having more in your room or trying to put more on the hotel registration rooming list will gain any tournament registration discounts, as the hotel is only giving the alloted amount of vouchers despite how many people are actually staying in the room or what the room costs. (Families, parents/ guardians staying at the hotel with more than 3 family competitors are exempt and will receive competition registration discounts.) Note: when the hotel books up no more player registration discounts will be given.

Plus sanctioning and / or system management fees

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